Dear Brothers and Sisters in Scouting;

In 2016 the current Vice President of the WFIS World Council was elected for a five (5) year term, ending in July 2021.

The WFIS World Council is now seeking nominations from the members associations to fill this Vice – President position for a five (5) year term, commencing on 1st August 2021.

We have received many nominations proposals nominating two Scouts leaders for the position of vice president, where one of the candidates has not accepted his nomination.

The candidate that accepted the nomination is Fabian Fernando Figueroa, member of the Baden Powell Scouts Association, Argentina (BPSA Argentina), current Vice President of WFIS. You can find his Scout resume HERE.

Election will be held between May 01 and 15, 2020 and start counting from 00:00 hours and end at 23:59, UTC time. Each association must consider the time difference between countries.

Only ONE VOTE is allowed per association that must be sent by the President of the Full Member Association to

Regional Chairmen are requested to ensure each of your member associations receive a copy of this email, and others that follow concerning the Election.