The World Federation of Independent Scouts is a non-governmental international Scouting organization.

We are more than 6.5 Million Scouts all over the World. We are present in more than 60 countries and we are still growing!

We are divided in Regions that organize activities for the members. You can find more information of our regions visiting the websites of our Regional Councils.

Since 2014, we are a registered Youth Organization of United Nations by joining the Organization as a Non-Governmental Organization.

WFIS-Wordwide acts as an umbrella federation for regional scout organisations.

WFIS is open for all independent Scout Federations or Associations, feel yourself free to check the website and get to know more about the World Federation of Independent Scouts, about the various associations that are affiliated with the WFIS and get in contact with the different Regions.

If you have anymore question please contact us to