The World Federation of Independent Scouts offer a Leader training for all W.F.I.S. Members, called W.F.I.S. Woodbeads Training.

WoodBead WFIS

W.F.I.S.’s Woodbeads training’s, contributes to offer “Better Traditional Scouting” and “More Traditional Scouting” through the permanent improvement of quality training for adults involved in the different independent and traditional Federations and organizations, groups, and by strengthening their sense of unity.

Trainings are offered for the following sections:

    • Beaver Scout
    • Cub Scout
    • Scout
    • Rover
    • Group Scoutmaster

All those Scouts who carry W.F.I.S. WB are part of the 1st W.F.I.S. Brownsea Troop.

The W.F.I.S. World Council, through their Woodbeads Training Coordinator and the Training Coordinator of each Region, ensures that the standard of Woodbeads training given in the Federation is of the highest possible standard.

The following parts of the Woodbeads course are W.F.I.S. recognized:

a) Law and child protection, games, personal interview
b) Questions
c) International practical
d) 3/6 months service, including interview and history of Scouting
e) Beads
f) Trainer Part 1 ( Third Bead )
g) Trainer Part 2 ( Fourth Bead )
h) National Trainer Certification Course

To know more about the W.F.I.S. Woodbeads standards you can check this document.

If you want to know when is the next training, contact you Regional Council or write us an email to