Thank you all for the effort you have made staying at home and helping to avoid new infections.

Thank you all  for the effort you have made helping your neighbors and family in those moments of uncertainty.

Thank you all  for that effort of going out to work, because your work has been one of those essential in these moments of crisis.

Thank you  for continuing to keep the Scout life active in your group and/or in your association, Via online or helping others.

Thank you for keeping the BP´s Spirit alive and that nothing is impossible to do.

Thank you to stay close to our worldwide scout family and to help us to support those who need it.

We know that it has not been easy, but we still have a long way in the path.

Now is when the world needs us the most:

    • Stay home if you don’t need to go out.
    • If you go out, follow the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization) and your local government: Maintain social distance, wear masks and wash your hands frequently.
    • Supports local and/or international NGOs to help those most in need.
    • Continue with Scouting activities.

Together we can overcome this disease that has attacked many of the world’s citizens, and together we can prevent the contagion going further.

WFIS World Council

#StaySafe #TogetherWeAreStrongest