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Saturday 12 September, the Scout Group A.S.C.I. Palazzolo Acreide 1 of the A.S.C.I. ESPLORATORI E GUIDE D’ITALIA organized an in-depth meeting on Scouting entitled “History in History: roots and fruits of the Scout Movement in Sicily” in Palazzolo Acreide (SR) at the Green Hall of the Town Hall.

The interventions of the speakers, the teacher Roberta De Pasquale, the pedagogist Valentina Pizzo and Salvatore Zappardino, scout of the C.N.G.E.I. of Messina and member of a Scouting Study Center, were introduced by Pierpaolo Amodio, leader of the A.S.C.I. Palazzolo A.1. Explorers, leaders and adults present were guided in search of the connections between the Scout Method and the world of school and pedagogy, discovering in detail how Baden Powell and the Italian Maria Montessori came to devise very similar educational proposals and, by admission of the same Montessori, complementary. The historical excursus elaborated has allowed us to mention the ways in which the small personal history or of scout groups in small villages can intertwine with the great history, that of school books: from Mafeking to 1945 and the epic of the Aquile Randagie, the italian scouts who clandestinely continued their activities during the fascist dictatorship, the listeners were accompanied to the discovery of names, faces, dates, stories.

The Explorers, already used to participating in similar meetings, add another piece to know the great baggage of Italian Catholic Scouting.

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