The Scout movement has always worked for peace and understanding, where we treat each other equally, regardless of the preferences or origins of each one. One of our Scout Laws clearly states “A Scout is a friend to all…” so what happens in a country affects us all equally.

From WFIS Worldwide we condemn any act that goes against the values that our own movement tries to follow and instill.

We know and we are aware that people on both sides of any conflict suffer and are ashamed of what is happening, and specifically in the case of Ukraine-Russia, many citizens of both sides are already suffering consequences.

It is our duty to support those who suffer and those who are affected, by contributing what we can, according to our abilities. People involved in this conflict need to be able to speak and be heard; they need necessities such as clothing and food.

There are many NGOs and Associations that are already helping those in need (UNICEF, Red Cross, World Central Kitchen, etc.) with food, medical supplies and clothing.

Some of our WFIS member Associations are in contact with Ukrainian Scouts and have already been able to send essential items to Ukraine.

We want to encourage you to support existing initiatives, either by supporting through global NGOs, or supporting the initiatives of some of our member Associations. If you want to find out more about these initiatives you can contact our members of SKAUT – cesky skauting ABS and Svaz skautu a skautek Ceske Republik.

If you want to contribute to our member’s projects, you can also send a donation via PayPal to Please identify your contribution as “PEACE“, and classify it as “family and friends“.

Now is the time to demonstrate that “together we can be stronger” and to demonstrate that we all are brothers and sisters in Scouting.


Yours in traditional Scouting,

            Klaus Tegeder – President WFIS

Read and download the message here: WFIS Statement – Peace